How To Not Fail in High School Theatre Auditions: Part 2

Last week...

we began the conversation about How to Not Fail in Theatre Auditions. Let’s continue the conversation about how to prepare before you show up to auditions. There’s a few more important things to remember. 

Carefully read the audition notice on the requirements for your audition.   

Your accompaniment tracks should be the right length.  If the audition notice says they want around 16 bars then have the music cut. Your tracks should have no background voices. Avoid playing a YouTube link since that requires WiFi. Download the mp3 and play that for your audition. Check-out if you need piano accompaniment music and/or tracks. You can easily change the key of tracks on this site. They even provide some audition cuts of Broadway songs that you can just use as is! Plenty of other sites exist online that provide the same types of tracks. On another note, if you are handing the sheet music to an accompanist to play during your audition, then have the music clearly marked for your start and stopping points. 

Choose material based on your research about the style of the show and the characters in the show. 

You need material that is similar to the style of the musical for which you are auditioning. If it’s Cinderella you’re auditioning for, then maybe choose an older, classic musical piece to sing for your audition. If it’s Footloose you’re auditioning for, then choose a rock musical style piece, etc.  

Memorize your music and monologue as soon as possible and practice!   

Don’t wait until the last minute to choose your material for your audition because then you'll struggle to memorize it.  You need to have it in a key that works for you.  The selection should show off your voice, without being too difficult. 

Practice your slate. 

In a good slate you should state your name and the name of the song and musical that you are performing. Practice that before so you look confident and ready. When you smile and speak clearly this is a great way to start your high school theatre audition!   

Look your best.  

Don’t wear a “costume,” but look your best.  If you are auditioning for a female leading role, consider wearing a dress. Also, wear shoes that have backs and are not uncomfortable. Character shoes or dance shoes are always a good choice for girls. If they ask for black leggings, then make sure you follow the instructions!  

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